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With the Aim of Meeting the Local and Global Market Demand PIC Produces a New Type of Polypropylene for Manufacturing Medical Masks

The PIC CEO, Eng. Mutlaq Al-Azmi, announced the production of a new type of the polypropylene product at the Company’s plant based in Shuaiba Industrial Area, whose operations were transferred from EQUATE to PIC since January 2020. Al-Azmi clarified that the production of this type came in response to Local and international market demand as this type of the polypropylene product is used for manufacturing medical face masks, referring to the established coordination with the Public Authority for Industry which requested the provision of raw material for manufacturing masks in Kuwait so as to encourage local production of private sector companies. Al-Azmi expressed his thanks and recognition to the employees of the polypropylene plant, to the EQUATE personnel, and to everyone who contributed to this achievement, which represents and addition to the achievements of the oil sector and contributes to enhancing the GDP of the beloved State of Kuwait.

The Deputy CEO for Manufacturing and Marketing, Eng. Hamad Dakheel Al-Subaie, stated that, utilizing its Kuwaiti talents and cadres, the Company was planning the production of this type of polypropylene since April 2020 in coordination with the EQUATE’s Research and Development team, and the plant started its first production operations on September 9, 2020.

Thus, after the Public Authority for Industry represented by its General Manager, Mr. Abdul Karim Taqi, Deputy General Manager, Dr. Sanad Al-Ajmi, and the competent team requested PIC to provide the basic raw material used for manufacturing medical masks, the specific chemicals used in manufacturing this type of polypropylene were imported, which in turn enables private sector companies to use it for manufacturing medical masks.