Business Overview

As part of the company's pioneering steps in the petrochemical industry by enhancing the optimum utilization and development of petrochemical industries and their derivatives, as rapid development witnessed by the oil and petroleum industry in the world for these vital commodities, the company has taken strategic decisions in line with global developments and proactive steps through diversifying its industrial and investment portfolios through enhancing its production operational in the State of Kuwait by producing and marketing basic petrochemical products from Aromatics Products such as Paraxylene, which is the main core and raw material in building the industrial community in line with development of subsequent plastic industries and other relative downstream industries.
PIC Board & Top Management realized that its success depends primarily on its ability to market petrochemical products and as that marketing is one of the most important dynamic tools in achieving its strategic objectives that help the company to stay and continue in the industry and global markets, the company formed a Aromatics Marketing Department utilizing the best marketing experience of the employees of the company who have powerful Marketing skills in achieving company’s vision through maximizing the value of Kuwait's hydrocarbon resources, global positioning and adding competitive value in the global markets.

Aromatics Vision & Mission
Aromatics Marketing Department in Petrochemical Industries Company is seeking to provide the best services and goods from raw materials in the petrochemical industry to its valued Customers through direct and indirect sale in accordance with international Markets and Industry Specifications Standards in order to achieve business requirements and marketing strategic objectives through Customer and End-Users Satisfaction.
Aromatics Marketing Department Work process setup are based on a set of important marketing mixture model to pursue and achieve its marketing objectives in the desire goal and target as following:

Aromatics Marketing Model

( 1 ) Product Nature
Product Nature understanding is yield to effective communication with the our Production, Integrated Supply Chain, Procurement and Finance Sectors, by referring them customer satisfies, requirement and requirements regarding the specifications and standards of the product in terms of quality, features, shipping, and different parameters, this to meet customer's needs of the finished product in accordance with international quality standards in the petrochemical industry.

( 2 ) Price Competitiveness
Aromatics Marketing seeks to achieve highest returns, profits and netback through best markets price forecasting subject to several studies, markets understating and research for relative variables such as crude oil prices, feedstock and value Direct and indirect costs and the study of competitors and end users tactics, setting, discount, allowance and as well credit and payment terms.

( 3 ) Targeting & Exploring Markets
The Aromatics Marketing Department seeks to explore, enter and penetrate various international markets (Traditional & Emergence) through discovering best marketing opportunities in traditional or emerging markets with emphasis On strategic positioning and penetration and opening new and distinct marketing channels.

( 4 ) Customers Satisfaction
The Aromatics Marketing Department seeks to enhance and improve all its valued customer satisfaction by integrated process of defining, measuring and analyzing Customer input and output Index for the goods and services provided by our Employees, this carried out through scientific and strategic methodologies, by enhancing workforce productivity, retention program, develop strategy as well as linked our employee to customer loyalty, which is reflected on the success of Marketing Mission and successes in offering and selling its products and services to its customers in all regional and global markets.

Aromatics Primary Product

Paraxylene (PX)
We as Petrochemical Industries Company are proud in producing and marketing Paraxylene, which is used in many vital and plastic industries in the world. It is considered one of the most important raw materials used in the manufacture of plastic materials, which covers the needs of consumers from the industry.
Paraxylene is produced in the Aromatics Complex in Shuaiba Industrial Area by on of PIC investment portfolio represented by the Complex Owner through The Kuwait Aromatics Company (TKAC).

Aromatics Fact Sheet

Complex Operator               : Kuwait Paraxylene Production Company (KPPC)
Manufacturing Technology : UOP, Honeywell
Industrial Feedstock            : Full Range Naphtha | Supplied Quantity: 2,938 KMTA (From Kuwait National Petroleum Company, KNPC).
Primary Product                   : Paraxylene | Production Design: 829 KMTA
Secondary Product              : Heavy Aromatics Stream | Production Quantity: From 15-30 KMTA

Paraxylene Application

Paraxylene is used in many applications from downstream derivatives industries and wide variety of transformation industries, for example, in Kitchen goods and tools, Food Packaging & Cooking equipment, Various Type of Adhesives, Luggage’s & Bags, Plastics Pharmaceuticals Capsules and medical Surgeries & injection tools, Dyes and Printing Ink, and other Plastic industries which are the most widespread daily uses products and applications.