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Who We Are


With world-scale manufacturing facilities around the world, PIC manufactures and markets chemicals that are the essential building blocks for countless products that people use every day and that serve diversified markets worldwide. Whether our products help increase crop yields to feed a growing world or are used to produce insulation that increases a home's energy efficiency, our materials are helping to improve quality of life.

Based in Kuwait, our company was founded in 1963 as the first chemical fertilizer complex of its kind in the region. Today, PIC is a subsidiary of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) and is a petrochemical industry leader in Kuwait and throughout the Middle East, and a growing leader worldwide. In addition to manufacturing and marketing fertilizers, olefins and aromatics in Kuwait, we participate in multiple joint ventures that also produce and market chemicals both locally and internationally.

Our Strengths

Our strengths have made PIC a significant global petrochemicals company and will continue to support our future growth. These strengths include:

  • More than 50 year's experience in the chemicals industry
  • World-scale manufacturing sites located close to fast-growing markets in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe
  • A reputation for reliable supply of high-quality products to our customers
  • Strong integration with Kuwait hydrocarbons and competitive energy costs
  • A history of operational excellence and infusing industry best practices
  • Collaborating closely with our joint venture partners on successful, sustained growth projects
  • Creating a culture of teamwork and accountability

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Our Strategy

For 50 years, PIC has stood for progress and possibilities. Now we look forward to an even brighter future ... a future of growth at home and growth abroad.

We will build on Kuwait's hydrocarbons resources to create value-added products for customers around the world. We will build success through the passion, dedication and innovation of our people. And we will build a brighter future through an unwavering commitment to quality, operational excellence and sustainability.

We will grow here in Kuwait, creating more jobs and further diversifying our economy at home. We will also grow through strategic partnerships around the world, especially in fast-growing regions. All of this will mean new possibilities and potential for not only PIC, but also our customers, partners, employees and the people of Kuwait.

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Our Locations

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